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Our botanical products are available year round. I am a student of Clinical Herbalism and all of our products are created using the information I have gained in my ongoing studies.  All of our products and remedies are hand crafted with ingredients grown here, on the farm, wild foraged or sourced from other organic and ethical growers.


The Magic of Herbs

Mother Earth’s medicine chest is full of healing herbs of incomparable worth ~ Robin Rose Bennet

I've always felt a strong connection to plants and believed in the healing power of nature.  This has led me on this current path to take a three year "Clinical Herbalism" course.  I believe that modern medicine and traditional, holistic practices such as herbalism and energy healing all work best when used together. (W)holistic medicine encompasses the mind, body and spirit.  For a person to be truly healthy all three of these need to work in tandem.  
All of our products are hand crafted by myself, here on the farm. I use ingredients I have grown, wild foraged or sourced from outside ethical growers.  Everything we produce is made with love and a little bit of magic.  Whether you're looking for herbal bath products, natural skin creams or farm grown/wild harvested botanical ingredients to make your own products, we've got you covered.

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